Blockhead Kitchen Designs

Previously on “The Blockhead”, we saw our contestants engage in a battle of the kitchens. The aftermath was nothing short of extraordinary. As the host, it fell to me to pick up the pieces and gear up for the next challenge. But before that, let’s take a moment to recap.

Our contestants had taken on the task to create the best kitchen renovations Melbourne had ever seen, each incorporating their unique styles and quirks. The retired circus clowns, Bozo and Fumbles, had transformed their kitchen into a whimsical spectacle of mirrors and carousel islands. The librarian duo, Mildred and Millie, built a culinary library, while bodybuilders, Rock and Hulk, constructed a ‘protein paradise’.

Today, we were back for round two. But this time, the challenge was all about innovation. I announced, “Your task is to come up with the best kitchen renovation ideas. Our team of professional kitchen designers, based in Melbourne, will remotely judge your ideas on creativity, feasibility, and of course, the wow factor.”

Bozo and Fumbles, always the unconventional ones, pitched a kitchen made entirely of edible materials. Candy cane faucets, marshmallow stools, you name it. The kitchen designers raised their eyebrows but took notes nonetheless.

Mildred and Millie proposed a ‘smart kitchen’, equipped with a library-style catalogue system for food items, voice-activated appliances, and a stove that could recommend recipes based on ingredients present. The designers were intrigued, especially by their unique adaptation of the Dewey Decimal Classification to catalogue kitchen items.

Rock and Hulk, ever the health enthusiasts, introduced the concept of a ‘fitness kitchen’. Adjustable-height countertops for various workout routines, a built-in scale to measure food portions, and a fridge with compartments for post-workout meals. The kitchen designers considered this with a thoughtful gaze.

As the day ended and the judges deliberated, the contestants waited with bated breath. Who had the best kitchen renovation ideas? The answer lay with the judges, whose decision would soon set the stage for the next round of “The Blockhead”. Tune in next time to find out the winner of this challenge! I guarantee you won’t want to miss out. 

Seriously, it’s going to be filled with drama and excitement, so please watch the show!

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