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Cool Hideout

I’d been chasing shadows around Melbourne, my suspicions leading me down back alleys and through quiet neighbourhoods. The bright lights of Ormond were a stark contrast to the dark underbelly of the art theft world I’d been exploring. My hunch had led me here, to this unsuspecting suburb. The hideout was tucked away in a …

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Ink Counter Quest

Tessa’s discovery of the sorcerer’s grand scheme sparked an urgent quest for a counterspell. She had to find a way to neutralise the enchanted tattoos and stop Zephyr’s growing influence. The stakes were high. The mystical tattoos were more than a fashion fad – they were becoming a threat to their city. While they were …

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Lightning Strike Repair

In the vast expanse of the wilderness, Sarah embarked on an unforgettable road trip. As she drove through the remote countryside, a sudden thunderstorm engulfed the area. Lightning crackled through the sky, striking her car, and leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere. In that moment of peril, something miraculous happened. The lightning’s energy …

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The Steel Vow

From afar, the warehouse seemed as normal as any other in the district. Tall shelves filled with steel supplies of all shapes and sizes. But inside, the air was electric. Among the towering piles of steel, Joe Steelberg walked his own world, a place where steel wasn’t just a material, but something… alive.  He’d tried …

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Tattoo Decoding

From the moment he laid eyes on the cryptic design, Jack knew that he needed more than just intuition to decipher it. He decided to seek out Lily, an old friend who was a renowned cryptographer. Jack had an inkling that Lily was more than just a friend in his forgotten past. Perhaps her expertise …

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Glass Destroyed Again

Dear esteemed Financial Committee, Once again, I find myself penning a letter under circumstances that I, in my wildest dreams, would not have predicted. The intricacies of running an educational institution such as PebbleCreek Community College are never dull, but these recent happenings have pushed the boundaries of unpredictability. You may remember that last week …

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