Lightning Strike Repair

In the vast expanse of the wilderness, Sarah embarked on an unforgettable road trip. As she drove through the remote countryside, a sudden thunderstorm engulfed the area. Lightning crackled through the sky, striking her car, and leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere. In that moment of peril, something miraculous happened. The lightning’s energy …

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Doggy Car Troubles

Hey there, it’s me – the devil-may-care canine that’s been turning heads and raising eyebrows around town. You’ve seen me cruising down the highways, tail wagging to the rhythm of the road. I know what you’re thinking – “A dog? Driving a car?” And to that I say, why not? Now, I won’t get into …

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Smuggling Auto Electrician

As Lucky and Ben travelled down the highway, Ben suggested they make a pit stop in Underwood to find someone capable of helping them reach Melbourne undetected. Lucky agreed, eager to see more of the world. When they arrived, the sun was scorching. Underwood was a bustling hub of mechanics, garages and a variety of …

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Rusty Car Blues

In the bustling town of Frankston, there was a forlorn car named Rusty. For years, Rusty had lived a happy life with its owner, Max, who had taken it on countless adventures. However, over the years, Max’s attention had waned, and Rusty found itself neglected and abandoned in the Frankston scrap heap. Rusty’s shiny red …

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Roadside Car Repair

I find myself in one of those clichéd movie moments, where the record scratches and the frame freezes. “I bet you’re wondering how I ended up in this situation,” I think to myself as I stand on the side of a busy highway, cars whizzing past me. My car had abruptly come to a halt, …

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