Smuggling Auto Electrician

As Lucky and Ben travelled down the highway, Ben suggested they make a pit stop in Underwood to find someone capable of helping them reach Melbourne undetected. Lucky agreed, eager to see more of the world.

When they arrived, the sun was scorching. Underwood was a bustling hub of mechanics, garages and a variety of other establishments. The aroma of engine oil and rubber filled the air.

Ben led Lucky to a particularly large building that seemed to be part mechanic workshop and part seedy bar, known as “The Grease Monkey”. The sign outside read: “Home of the Best Auto Electrician in the Underwood Area & More!”

As they entered, the sounds of clanging tools, revving engines and chatter enveloped them. The patrons were a motley crew of mechanics, truckers and wanderers.

Ben spoke to the bartender. “We need someone with a swift vehicle and knowledge of the back roads to Melbourne.”

The bartender eyed them before gesturing to a man in the corner, tinkering with a car’s suspension repair. “Han Wrencher is the one you seek. He’s one of the best suspension repair experts around, if you know what I mean.”

They approached Han Wrencher, who was working under a vintage sports car, his hands covered in grease. After brief introductions, Ben explained their mission and the urgent need to reach Melbourne without attracting the Dark Vehicle Inspector’s attention.

Han looked at them both, then grinned, “You got yourselves a driver.”

That night, they made preparations. Han’s vehicle, the “Falcon Wagon”, was a sight to behold, modified to perfection. It was as if every bolt and screw was infused with the spirit of adventure.

As they were about to leave, the bar was suddenly swarmed by the Dark Vehicle Inspector’s forces, who had caught wind of their presence.

“Quickly, to the Falcon Wagon!” shouted Han.

They raced to the vehicle, and as Han fired up the engine, Lucky felt the Horsepower surging through him. Ben, poised and calm, used a wrench to fend off one of the approaching Inspectors.

The Falcon Wagon sped out of Underwood with an ear-splitting roar, leaving their pursuers in a cloud of dust. Their journey to Melbourne was now fully underway, with the hope of saving Leah Gearside and the future of mechanics everywhere resting in their capable, greasy hands.

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