The Icy Retribution

After exposing the double standards of the anti-air conditioning lobby’s CEO, Mr Summersbane, John Coolman thought the chapter was closed. However, he soon discovered that Summersbane had escaped with a stolen prototype heater capable of controlling the weather!

John, as ‘The Cool Avenger,’ realised the grave danger of the device in the wrong hands. Summersbane could use it to create an eternal summer in Canberra. They’d always despised those who offered air conditioning services close to Canberra, wanting the people to swelter in the summer heat.

Assembling his assortment of gadgets, John embarked on a mission to track down Summersbane and retrieve the weather-control device.

The chase led John through the city streets, into the outback, and finally to a hidden lair where Summersbane was fervently working on the device. Along the way, John encountered Summersbane’s associates, who were assisting in the nefarious plot. Deftly, John incapacitated their air conditioners and replaced them with units that only emitted warm air, knowing they would experience the discomfort they wished upon others. It seemed the lobbyists’ true goal was to hoard all the cooling technology for themselves.

As John approached Summersbane’s hideout, he found the villain about to activate the device. If Summersbane had his way, they’d all be hiring Canberra businesses for ducted heater servicing on the hottest day of summer. John simply had to stop him.

With the sun beating down relentlessly, John initiated a climactic gadgetry standoff against Summersbane. Ice blasts, cooling fans, and heat-reflective shields made for an epic battle. Summersbane, armed with the prototype heater, tried to heat the area to unbearable temperatures.

In a final, daring move, John used a freeze ray to incapacitate the device and snatch it from Summersbane’s grasp. As the authorities arrived to apprehend Summersbane, John Coolman, aka ‘The Cool Avenger,’ stood victorious.

He vowed to ensure the prototype heater would be used responsibly and in the hands of those who could help regulate the climate for the greater good.

John returned home, knowing that the city was safe from eternal summer. He sat in the comfort of his own air-conditioned home and looked forward to a time where air conditioning was appreciated for the respite it could bring on a hot day.

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