Glass Destroyed Again

Dear esteemed Financial Committee,

Once again, I find myself penning a letter under circumstances that I, in my wildest dreams, would not have predicted. The intricacies of running an educational institution such as PebbleCreek Community College are never dull, but these recent happenings have pushed the boundaries of unpredictability.

You may remember that last week our very own Jaan Draper, the professor of Advanced Theatrical Dynamism, came up with an ambitious, albeit slightly unconventional, idea for the annual student play. His piece, aptly titled “Shattered Expectations,” aimed to metaphorically (and quite literally) break down the barriers between the performers and the audience.

In a climactic scene of catharsis and revelation, the actors were instructed to hurl faux bricks at the set – a set designed to look like a towering wall of glass. In Jaan’s defence, the artistic metaphor was indeed profound. However, what we all failed to foresee was that in Jaan’s artistic fervour, he had unknowingly directed the performance right in front of our newly installed, real glass wall. What followed was a scene of poignant chaos that was as breathtaking as it was heart-stopping.

Now, in the wake of this ‘artistic demolition,’ I find myself turning to you, once again. We have contacted a reliable glazier offering service near Melbourne who can restore the wall to its former, unshattered glory.

I assure you that, moving forward, there will be a mandatory spatial awareness seminar for all faculty members. And, in an abundance of caution, a team of professionals for glass balustrade repair has been put on speed dial, much to my chagrin.

In the spirit of transparency (pun unintended), I hope for your understanding and assistance in this matter. At the same time, I pledge my unwavering commitment to preserving the structural integrity of our beloved institution, even as our sense of artistic expression threatens to shatter it.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Feltoff,
Dean, PebbleCreek Community College

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