Tattoo Decoding

From the moment he laid eyes on the cryptic design, Jack knew that he needed more than just intuition to decipher it. He decided to seek out Lily, an old friend who was a renowned cryptographer. Jack had an inkling that Lily was more than just a friend in his forgotten past. Perhaps her expertise was the reason he had been led to her.

He nervously entered her office, trying to keep his anxiety in check. He saw Lily’s eyes widen as she took in the sight of him, and he knew she remembered him from their time-travelling days.

Together, they spent hours pouring over the design, turning it around and inside out. Despite the eroding pattern thanks to the professional laser tattoo removal services Jack was receiving, Lily painstakingly decoded the markings, her brows furrowing deeper with each passing minute.

Finally, she let out a gasp. “Jack, this is… it’s a warning.” She pointed to a group of symbols that represented a date. “This is about two years from now. There’s going to be a meteorite. It’s massive… large enough to cause an extinction-level event.”

The gravity of his message to himself became crystal clear. His forgotten self had known about this catastrophic event and had used the one thing he knew his future self would pay attention to – a mysterious tattoo from the best tattoo shop Brisbane had to offer. Jack was supposed to use his time-travelling abilities to stop it.

“But… I don’t remember how to time travel,” Jack admitted, his voice small. The room filled with a heavy silence, interrupted only by the whirring of the computer and the distant sounds of the city below. Lily placed her hand on his, a warm reassurance in the face of a chilling revelation.

“You will, Jack,” she said. “We’ll make sure of it.”

With the decoded message in hand and the remnants of the tattoo almost gone, Jack felt a surge of determination. His past self trusted him to save the world, and he was not going to let himself down. The memories of his time-travelling adventures were resurfacing, filling him with renewed hope. He had to remember, and he had to act – before time ran out.

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