Marlowe’s Melting Melbourne

Marlowe’s life, if charted on a map (like the one on his back), would be a mix of hilariously twisted detours and amusingly bizarre pit stops. Melbourne, generally known for its fluctuating weather, was now consistently warm in the path of our searing protagonist.

His first port of call? The reputed air conditioning technicians in the Sandringham area. Mismatch’s arrival was evident even before he entered the service centre. The typically bustling shop, filled with an orchestra of humming machines, fell eerily silent, save for a few machines gasping and sputtering in the wake of Marlowe’s radiating presence.

The chief technician, a burly fellow named Boris with a moustache that had seen better days, approached cautiously. “You must be Mr. Mismatch,” he said, using a clipboard as a makeshift fan. “Heard about your… situation.”

Despite their best efforts — and a sequence that saw Marlowe wedged into the largest industrial cooler — the Sandringham technicians were stumped. The contraption, which could usually freeze a room in seconds, merely made Marlowe’s eyebrows frost for a brief moment.

Undeterred, Marlowe ventured next to what was known as the best air conditioning Black Rock had to offer. The showroom, adorned with the latest high-tech cooling marvels, looked promising. Gloria, the store’s top technician with an air (pun absolutely intended) of confidence, threw her best machines into the fray. Yet, each cooling unit met the same fate. They huffed, puffed, and capitulated.

Feeling a mix of frustration and amusement, Marlowe took a moment to sit in a park. Families picnicked nearby, enjoying the warmth he brought to their day. Kids, giddy with delight, toasted marshmallows in his vicinity. It wasn’t all bad, he mused. But still, a solution was needed, and perhaps, it lay in combining multiple technologies or seeking wisdom beyond the realm of Melbourne. But for now, Marlowe continued his heated journey, melting hearts (and ice creams) along the way. Would this series of crazy curses ever end, or was he simply cursed to be cursed for the rest of time?

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