Cool Hideout

I’d been chasing shadows around Melbourne, my suspicions leading me down back alleys and through quiet neighbourhoods. The bright lights of Ormond were a stark contrast to the dark underbelly of the art theft world I’d been exploring. My hunch had led me here, to this unsuspecting suburb.

The hideout was tucked away in a quiet street, blending in with the rest of the suburb’s charming, well-kept homes. No one would have suspected that millions of dollars worth of stolen art was stashed away in a small house’s basement.

As soon as I entered, I could feel it – the cold, dry air, the gentle hum. A unique cooling system had been set up, far more complex than the typical residential system. It had been installed by a professional, no doubt. The thief’s knowledge of air conditioning technicians near Ormond must have come in handy. The system was a masterpiece in itself, specifically designed to protect and preserve the precious stolen artwork. The irony was not lost on me.

Examining the system, I started to understand the thief’s strategy. They weren’t just stealing the art – they were preserving it, maintaining its value. This wasn’t a reckless criminal, but a calculated and skilled technician.

In the corner, I discovered a set of blueprints – the floor plans of various galleries around Melbourne. One caught my attention – a plan for a gallery in South Yarra. A cold chill went through me. I knew what this meant.

Back at my office, I called up my contacts, arranging for an air conditioning installation in the South Yarra area at the gallery marked on the thief’s blueprint. If the thief was planning to strike there, I was going to be ready.

As I hung up the phone, I felt the weight of the task at hand. The thief was close, I could feel it. And now, I knew where they were going to strike next. The game was on.

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