Cooling Guild Infiltration

Dear Heating Guild,

I arrived at the Air Conditioning Guild on a chilly Melbourne day, an icy castle stark against the city’s typically mild weather. The transition from our warm and welcoming quarters to this frosted citadel is jarring, to say the least. Yet, in the name of our beloved Guild, I am prepared to brave the cold.

While I am well-acquainted with the warm hum of our heating systems, the sound of whirring fans and cool air here is a stark contrast. The atmosphere is crisp, controlled, and incredibly efficient, unlike our cosy Heating Guild, where warmth and human connection seem to flow as freely as our heat.

I spent my first day familiarising myself with the icy edifice and its inhabitants. To my surprise, the Guild members were not as frosty as I had imagined. They were practical, precise, and had an almost fervent dedication to their craft.

As part of my cover, I posed as an enthusiast seeking knowledge about getting an air conditioning service close to Brighton. The ruse seemed to work. My curiosity was met with informative answers and a fair amount of jargon. They spoke of thermostats, coolants, and something about a split system – topics that seemed alien to my trained ear, so used to the comforting language of heating systems.

By the end of the day, after meeting with the Guildmaster, I was offered the opportunity to book an air conditioning service in Moorabbin. However, they also offered to provide me with another opportunity. Seeing my feigned fascination, they proposed a more hands-on approach.

They offered me a place at the Academy of Air Conditioning. This could be the break we need. As a student, I could delve deeper, learn more, and potentially uncover whatever they’re planning.

Although I remain loyal to our warm, welcoming Heating Guild, this cold world of air conditioning has intrigued me. As I begin my studies at the Academy, rest assured that I will not let our Guild down.

Until my next update, stay warm.



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