The Steel Vow

From afar, the warehouse seemed as normal as any other in the district. Tall shelves filled with steel supplies of all shapes and sizes. But inside, the air was electric. Among the towering piles of steel, Joe Steelberg walked his own world, a place where steel wasn’t just a material, but something… alive.  He’d tried …

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Steel Beam Dimensionality

Whizzing through the garage, Richard was elbows deep in a pile of mechanical blueprints, scribbles of unexplainable diagrams and equations scattered all over the place. Marty watched with wide-eyed curiosity. He’d seen his eccentric grandfather up to some pretty wild projects, but this one had an air of gravity about it. “We’re building the future, …

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Fish Watching Boats

As a small fish in a vast ocean, my days were filled with swimming through the vibrant coral reefs and exploring the nooks and crannies that I called home. Life was peaceful and uneventful, until one day, a group of humans arrived in a boat that caught my attention. The boat was equipped with strange …

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