Failed Foot Plan

In a world beyond our understanding, nestled between the Goopie and the Bapie, Mike and Jennifer were reflecting on their latest failed attempt to simulate the afterlife for the four humans.

“Man, I really thought we had it this time. Elena, Chad, Tala, and Jackson were supposed to be tortured for all eternity, but it seems we’ve made a critical error,” Mike lamented.

Jennifer, ever the attentive assistant, asked, “What went wrong this time, Mike?”

“Well,” Mike began, “we thought we had designed the perfect scenario for Elena. We gave her a job in the afterlife as a foot specialist, claiming that in her life on Earth, she had worked as the best Cheltenham podiatrist.”

Jennifer nodded, waiting for Mike to continue. “And then?” she inquired.

Mike sighed heavily. “We underestimated just how much Elena hated working with feet. On her very first day, she realised that it was torture and deduced that she was actually in the Bapie. And I thought the backstory with her working as a children’s orthotics specialist near Cheltenham was perfect.”

Jennifer offered a sympathetic smile. “It’s just another learning experience, Mike. What’s the plan for attempt number 10,874?”

Mike’s shoulders slumped. “I’m not sure. I’m completely out of ideas.”

Jennifer, always full of energy and optimism, encouraged Mike to brainstorm with her. “Why don’t we try spitballing some crazy ideas? You never know what might stick. Sure, they might not be as devious as making Elena a pediatric podiatrist, but we’ll find something.”

Mike shrugged. “Alright, why not? Let’s give it a shot.”

Jennifer started, “What if we make Tala believe she’s the least fashionable person in the Goopie?”

Mike chuckled. “That’s delightfully cruel. How about we convince Chad that every philosophical theory he’s ever believed in is fundamentally flawed?”

“Yes! And let’s trap Jackson in an endless escape room, with every successful exit leading to a new room!”

Mike grinned. “And for Elena… we can tell her that she’s responsible for creating the most annoying and catchy jingle in the afterlife, and it’s played on a never-ending loop!”

The two shared a wicked laugh, the spark of inspiration ignited once again.

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