Glass Replacement Summer

At first, I was excited to work at a luxury resort over the summer, but in reality, it has been nothing but a nightmare. Here I was thinking that my friends and I would get into all sorts of shenanigans, go swimming in the pool, play some golf and dominate the resort’s musical performance competition. Oh, how naive you were, Trevor of four weeks ago. No, instead I’ve had to spend almost every day ordering glass replacement, because it turns out that rich people suck at golf. It feels like every five minutes I hear the piercing shatter of glass, and my heart sinks, as I know I’ll soon be on the phone, calling up every glazier from here to Geelong.

You’d think that the errant golf balls would just be destroying windows, but you’d be wrong about that. One time, they even destroyed the glass balustrade on the top floor. That was a fun one to get a replacement for, all while staying inside my boss’s ridiculous budget. So much for singing breakup songs in the sprinklers with my girlfriend and starting elaborate flash mobs around the resort. This summer vacation is turning out to be a complete bust, and I’m only earning $20 a day! I’d quit, but my parents say it’s teaching me the ‘importance of responsibility’, which will apparently be good for me if I want to get a sports scholarship to university.

I’m just so sick of finding replacements for windows and glass balustrades. Near Melbourne, there are plenty of good glaziers, but few of them are willing to do such difficult jobs for the price my boss demands. You know what this summer needs? A rich girl whose dad owns the resort, who is obsessed with me. Then I’d be able to manipulate her into getting exactly what I want. I’d be able to shirk my responsibilities, get that basketball scholarship, do elaborate dances with my friends and spend time with my girlfriend. Is it really too much to ask for everything to just fall into place for me?

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