The Final Wave

Dear Diary,

With the Ghostly Gale behind us, we found ourselves in possession of the third piece of the Quadforce. Our trials had been harsh, but they’d prepared us for what was to come: the challenge of the Final Wave. We would need all our courage, all our wisdom and all our power to survive the oncoming challenges. Thankfully, we were already in possession of the Quadforce pieces of courage, wisdom and power.

The location of the last Quadforce piece lay before us, a tantalising treasure hidden within treacherous tides. But as the waves crashed against the SS Lionel, the fragility of our situation became painfully clear. In a moment of misguided bravery, Lint plunged headfirst into the heart of the storm, leading to a damaged hull extension and a missing rocket launcher.

Just when we were beginning to despair, Beetle’s floating shop came into sight, cutting through the waves like a knife through butter. He’s the best marine fabricator we know, always there when we need him the most.

With Beetle’s help, we embarked on the urgent repair work. The hull extension was painstakingly fixed, and the missing rocket launcher was replaced. But repairs were not enough. If we were to survive the Final Wave, the SS Lionel needed upgrades.

After a brief discussion with Beetle, we decided on the installation of wake towers and spreader bars. The towers would provide a better view of the threatening waves, while the spreader bars would increase our stability in the tempestuous sea. Both these additions were carefully installed, giving the SS Lionel a sturdy and menacing look. As I admired the new additions, I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that we’d used snapper racks from Melbourne’s best marine fabricators. It added a touch of home, a beacon of hope in this daunting quest.

With the SS Lionel now better prepared than ever, we sailed into the heart of the Final Wave, determined to secure the last piece of the Quadforce. We may not have known what lay ahead, but we were prepared to face it.

Till then,

Captain Lionel

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