The Handalorian House

Our house hunting in Melbourne had started to take its toll. As Handalorians, patience is second nature to us. Yet, the duration of the house search was beginning to test our limits. Aria Zett, our scout and stealth expert, decided to try a new approach.

During one house inspection, personally recommended by our buyer’s agent based in Malvern East, Aria decided to blend in with the humans, attempting to wear what she referred to as ‘Earth camouflage.’ She slipped away from our group and borrowed clothes from a washing line nearby. The result was nothing short of hilarious – a mishmash of clothing styles that could only attract attention, not deflect it. But the crowning glory of her ‘disguise’ was her Handalorian helmet, which she refused to take off, even under her borrowed hat.

In her brightly coloured attire, Aria stood out more than ever. The homeowners were visibly surprised when they saw a seemingly regular human with a Handalorian helmet. Her intention was to eavesdrop on the homeowners, hoping to gauge their true opinion about having Handalorians in their home. But with her helmet on and the colourful outfit, she became the centre of attention, not the fly on the wall she had intended to be.

Despite Aria’s questionable choice of ‘camouflage’, her effort brought much-needed amusement to our group, lifting our spirits during the extended house search. The incident also taught us a valuable lesson about the importance of understanding the culture of our new home – Earth. With our Melbourne property advocates leading the way, we continued our search, hopeful that our perfect home was just around the corner.

We knew that we were growing closer to our goal, and despite the occasional mishap or misunderstanding, we were willing to brave it all. After all, we were Handalorians, and adversity was our specialty. Even if it took another sixty rotations, we wouldn’t give up on finding the perfect location for our conclave. It was so close – I could feel it in the air, filtered through my Handalorian helmet. All we had to do was persist.

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