The Magical Optometrist

When I was a kid, I used to hate wearing glasses. I felt like they made me look like a nerd, and all the other kids teased me about it. But one day, something incredible happened that changed everything.

It all started when my mum took me to a Bayside optometry clinic for an eye test. I sat in the waiting room, feeling bored and a little scared. But when the optometrist put the glasses on my face, everything changed. Suddenly, I could see things that I had never seen before. Colours were brighter, shapes were sharper, and I could even see through walls! I couldn’t believe it. I had somehow gained incredible powers through my glasses.

At first, I thought it was just my imagination. But the more I wore my glasses, the more I realised that they were really magical. I could do things that no one else could do. I could move objects with my mind, fly through the air, and even shoot fireballs from my fingertips! I tried to keep my powers a secret at first, but it was hard to resist showing off. I would make objects float in the air or light things on fire, just to impress my friends.

But I soon realised that I had to be careful. If anyone found out about my powers, they might try to use them for evil. So I kept my secret to myself, wearing my glasses only when I was alone or with trusted friends. I didn’t even tell people that I had missed school that day due to the eye test for children. I honed my powers, practising every day to become stronger and more skilled. And eventually, I decided I would use my powers to protect the world from danger and save people in need. Without my glasses, I might never have discovered my magical powers. And even though I don’t wear glasses anymore, I’ll never forget the incredible adventures that they led me on.

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