Two Timber Towers

In Two Timber Towers, the second instalment of the Lord of the Timber trilogy, the Fellowship of Timber is tasked with thwarting the evil Dark Lord Sawron. The film opens with the Fellowship members separated, each facing their challenges.

Tomlin Oakenshield and his companion, Barkley, discover the ancient Timber Towers in Eldwood Forest. The Wood Guardians residing there reveal to Tomlin that the Sacred Timber harbours Sawron’s power, and in order to put an end to his tyranny, it must be crafted into a wooden ring and broken by the Saws of Sawron in his Lair of Dark Carpentry.

Meanwhile, the Knights of the Tape Measure, led by Sir Measurin, discover that Sawron’s forces are amassing for an attack on the free hardware realms. Ganderf returns, having sought the wisdom of ancient scrolls, and brings dire news of Sawron’s plans to overwhelm the land.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Tomlin ventures to a hardware shop close to Cheltenham to procure the necessary tools for crafting the ring. He painstakingly crafts the ring from the Sacred Timber.

Simultaneously, Ganderf calls upon hardware stores across the land to stand together. He travels to Cheltenham to rally the forces and to protect the values of craftsmanship. A united front comprising the Free Hardware Stores, Knights of the Tape Measure, Fixing-Fairies, and Wood Guardians assemble at Fort Plankheart, preparing for the impending battle against Sawron’s forces.

Tomlin, now wielding the wooden ring, embarks on the perilous journey towards the dark lands of Sawron, with Barkley. The duo faces numerous perils but remains resolute in their mission. When all hope seems lost, Tomlin remarks that he wishes they’d simply been tasked with finding the best building supplies in the Cheltenham area.

The film reaches its climax as the forces at Fort Plankheart stand tall against Sawron’s approaching army. The tension builds as they brace themselves for the onslaught.

Two Timber Towers concludes on a cliffhanger. The last scene shows Tomlin and Barkley, standing at the threshold of Sawron’s dark lands, with the enormous expanse stretching ominously before them. The Fellowship at Fort Plankheart draws their tools, ready to defend the land they cherish. The screen fades to black as the battle is about to commence, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the final instalment.

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