Children’s Optometry One

Recently, my daughter embarked on her journey into kindergarten. The anticipation gleamed in her eyes as she embraced the notion of becoming a “big girl” and following in her older brother’s footsteps through the kindergarten system. Each morning, a burst of excitement enveloped her as she meticulously selected her outfit for the day, often mismatching with glee. I allowed her this creative freedom, for her happiness meant the world to me. With her backpack securely fastened, she would sprint to the car, eager to begin her day. Observing her enthusiasm filled my heart with joy.


However, I couldn’t help but notice a peculiar squint in her eyes whenever she delved into the pages of a book, as if the words eluded her clarity. It was then that I discerned her struggle with vision. Promptly, I scheduled an appointment with the finest optometrist Bayside had, securing the earliest slot available—on the same day. The thought of her poor eyesight hindering her ability to make friends or fully relish the kindergarten experience pained me deeply.


Upon arriving at the eye clinic, I was greeted by a modern and welcoming environment. The staff exuded professionalism and warmth, fully dedicated to assisting us. To my delight, the clinic specialised in children’s eye care, with the child’s optometrist possessing special qualifications in this domain. I felt immense relief in having discovered such a comprehensive facility catering to young ones.


Stepping into the examination room, we encountered an array of cutting-edge technology and tools, including the iconic letter board, an emblem of optometry. The eye tests administered were thorough and precise. As anticipated, it was confirmed that my daughter was indeed nearsighted, and glasses were prescribed. Given the early stage of her visual deterioration, the prescription was relatively mild. Nonetheless, her excitement soared as she carefully selected the frame shape, her anticipation mounting as she observed the optometrist expertly placing the lenses.


With her glasses in hand, my daughter eagerly awaits her next day of kindergarten, donning her newfound accessory. She looks utterly adorable, her vibrant spirit shining through. I fervently hope that her new glasses will enhance her reading experience, enabling her to fully immerse herself in the wonders of literacy. Witnessing her joy fills me with reassurance that we have taken the right steps to ensure her visual comfort and academic growth.

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