Commercial Energy Two

I kept my newfound powers a secret, knowing that if anyone discovered the truth, it could lead to unwanted attention from the media or even experimental scientists. The witnesses were content with the explanation that the driver had miraculously hit the brakes in time, but I had seen the panic and awe on their faces, their bewildered gazes fixed upon me. To protect myself, I needed to locate them and convince them to keep silent.


Sitting at my desk, I observed a wisp of steam rising from the coffee mug my wife had prepared. It felt surreal that just yesterday I had been discussing clean energy solution providers, and now I had become a source of energy myself. If powers and magic truly existed, they had to be different manifestations of manipulating energy. That realisation sparked an idea within me. Setting aside the coffee, I hastily donned a coat and stepped outside.


Our house was nestled in a newly built estate, where each home had its unique design, creating the illusion of a naturally evolving neighbourhood. However, there was one common feature shared by all the houses: solar panels. After my wife and I purchased our home, I had witnessed swift and professional commercial solar panel installations across the estate’s stores. I believed in renewable energy wholeheartedly, campaigning tirelessly for its adoption. Solar power was affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly. But what if my powers could influence it?


Stepping into our yard, I squinted up at the solar panels adorning our roof. The swirling flame in my palm persisted, though its vibrant hues had dulled to a pale yellow. It was time to test the true extent of my abilities. With a mix of anticipation and trepidation, I focused my energy towards the solar panels. As I concentrated, a subtle change rippled through the air, and the panels responded. The sunlight captured by the photovoltaic cells seemed to intensify, generating a surplus of energy.


A surge of excitement coursed through me. My powers indeed had an impact on the solar panels, enhancing their energy production. It was a revelation that filled me with a sense of purpose. If I could harness and channel my abilities to benefit renewable energy sources, perhaps I could contribute even more to the advancement of clean power solutions.

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