Game of Loans

In the bustling world of property acquisitions, a noble homeowner known as Robert Bungalow sat upon the sturdy, yet worn, chair in his home office, pondering his next move. He had dreams bigger than his humble abode and sought to expand his property empire. However, the intricacies of property acquisition were as vast and twisted …

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The Home Grind

The journey of house hunting has brought its own set of amusements and frustrations, a roller coaster that we, the Handalorians, have taken to navigating with a blend of stoicism and, surprisingly, humour. I am Voren Taric, the tech guru among us, and lately, my fascination with Earth’s technology has led to some interesting moments. …

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Conveyancing Part One

The Anderson family had been eagerly searching for their dream home for months. With two young kids, they were in desperate need of more space, and their small apartment in the bustling city just wasn’t cutting it anymore. After countless open houses and late-night online searches, they stumbled upon a charming house in the suburb …

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The Handalorian House

Our house hunting in Melbourne had started to take its toll. As Handalorians, patience is second nature to us. Yet, the duration of the house search was beginning to test our limits. Aria Zett, our scout and stealth expert, decided to try a new approach. During one house inspection, personally recommended by our buyer’s agent …

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